“Caught In My Feelings” (Official Video)

October 3rd, 2017



Born and raised in South Memphis, Jarvo quickly fell in love with music at a young age. The rapper recalls memorizing songs he heard on the radio. At that moment, he knew that rap was something he would pursue. While others dreamed of becoming president, Jarvo wanted to become the best “rapper” of his generation, while secretly perfecting his craft. He became victim to the street life, becoming a violent teen after his mother’s death. Since then Jarvo has worked with various artists including Dark Mark from the Committee, Sitzo, Young Swagg, Brandon Heat Prod, TK on the Beat, Tunez Prod and many others. He has been featured on different radio stations including Flame On Radio, Kiss1043 and has been placed on numerous websites such as This is 50, Team Bigga Rankin, Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes, Traffic Kings and many more. Although he hasn’t completely perfected his style, every recording session he finds different ways to separate himself from other local and national artists. There is a new revolution of hip-hop/rap being born in the years to come. Jarvo will become our hip-hop savior as we transition ourselves for this new era of rap music.


Watch \”Caught In My Feelings\” VIDEO


New York Holds Biggest Music Comeptition “Who Holds Da Crown”

September 24th, 2017




  • We are holding one of the best Show-Cases of the year. What we are about is real hip hop. We are providing the world with real talented hip hop artist that represents there Boro.

  • This Show-Case is different from all the rest of the Show-Cases. Why are we different? Because we really care and we really take the time to get to know every single artist and to provide real opportunities, real advancement career wise for the artist’s

  • This Show-Case will be aired on TV, we will have major streaming outlets provided for our talent to provide maximum exposure for the artist’s

  • Artist will be required to register for our Show-Cases. They can do this online or in person at one of our Registration Dates. Registration is required to ensure the artist is taking their career seriously.

  • It is only $100.00 to register as a single artist which means only 1 person on stage. Acts that has groups, friends, crews and or a hype-man or anytime there is more than 1 person on stage with the artist the registration will be $150.00.
  • After Registration, each artist is given a fair chance to see who will be advanced to the next level or Round. Only the best artist from each Boro will advance to the next level. Each Boro will have an artist that will “hold Da Crown” and Represent their Boro as the best Hip Hop Artist in Their Boro. This takes the music industry back to real Hip Hop.

  • We will have a panel of Professional Judges, that are music industry professionals that will rate the talent and decide who progresses to the next stage. Artist’s will be rated by different criteria allowing judges to give them a total score. The artist with the highest scores advance to the next round.

  • Each Boro will have a Crown Winner that gets major exposure, sponsorship, prizes and Gift Bags and Also Music Promotional and Marketing packages.

  • Winners Will Also Be Crowned with a Gold Crown made of Real Gold Representing their Boro as the winner. They also have opportunities to obtain major Label Deals and Cash Winnings.

  • Each Boro Winner Gets a Real gold Crown with the name of their Boro embedded in the Crown and a 1,000 Cash Prize Winning and Gifts from our Sponsors. Not to mention you gain major exposure.

  • The Grand Prize Winner will receive $10,000 Cash Prize Winning! Their Championship Crown, Gift-Bags, Sponsorship and Major Exposure that is Life-Changing. A Chance at a major Record Deal and credits.

  • We will have Celebrity guest in attendance at our show-Case’s.

  • Our Show-Cases Will Be Streamed.

  • Our Showcases Will be fun with a Live DJ their spinning the music

  • Our Show-Cases Will have Food and Beverages.

  • We Will have Dance Crews Entertaining the Crowd

  • We Will have a live host entertaining the crowd.

  • We Will give Swag Bags away to selected audience.

  • There Will be raffles and a chance for the Audience to Win Prizes.

  • The Press and media will be in attendance. Capturing the artist’s performances.

  • Give yourself a chance to be seen, heard and part of the biggest Show-case in History. It goes down Right here in NYC. Don’t be left out.

  • If you believe you have skills register in our showcase to show the world what you are made of. This will be major publicity to artists to establish a name for yourself.


Artists can  register at www.whoholdsdacrown.com or www.whoholdsdacrowninyourboro.com We are looking for the best Hip Hop artists in NY to register at www.whoholdsdacrown.com our email is whoholdsthecrown@gmail.com 917-983-7730



Memphis Group DMK Buzzing With New Album “The Last Kings”

September 21st, 2017




Who is DMK? What is the meaning behind the name?

Wizz Dumb, Jimmy Codean, Webofthemachine, Trizz Money, Bugg, Datboysin, J-Mack DJ Suicide Slush. J’Royal Price, Trapp, and Trez Clay and the rest of the homies

How did you all form as a group? What’s the story behind it?

We all knew each other from just being around. We just linked up and started creating together and it never stopped.

New projects? What’s new for DMK this year?

Right now we have “The Last Kings” available everywhere, on all streaming platforms. We have projects from J’Royal Price, Wizzdumb,Datboysin, and DJ Suicide Slush coming this year. We’re also doing another DMK project soon.

What’s the best way to describe DMKs style of music?

Mars meets Memphis lol. Lyric driven, always deeper than the surface word wise. Creative cutting edge production. We are inspired by music as a whole so you’re going to get a lot of different sounds.

How many members are apart of DMK?  9

Tell us about the new project that is out.

“The Last Kings” is just us showcasing some of what we have to offer, throwing our name in the ring. We’re giving you raw art from our perspective. It’s a capsule of where we were creatively at the moment. Life at the moment.

How many songs are on the project?
9 songs

Who all did you work with to create the project?

We kept everything in house. From the production to the writing to the art work. We don’t really have to go outside of our unit for too much. We enjoy collaborating with others but for this project we intentionally kept everything us.

Musically, who are some mainstream artists that inspires you all?

We are inspired by everyone new and old. From the legends to the newer people trying to be legendary.

What’s in store for DMK in the new year?

​More releases, more awareness of the DMK brand. Creating and sharing more quality art!



Listen to “The Last Kings” album on SoundCLoud




Spotlight Feature: I Sign Myself’s CEO: Paul Tutt

September 13th, 2017



Paul E. Tutt Jr., also known as  Big Paul is the founder and CEO of P.T. Management Group and I Sign Myself. Established in 2003, P.T. Management Group is an independent record label that manages, develops, markets and promotes as well as plan and promote parties and events through the city of Memphis, Atlanta and other markets such as Dallas and Houston. Big Paul is a promoter, song writer, philanthropist & entrepreneur at heart, and is living proof that with hard work, anything can be accomplished. Big Paul is no stranger to the entrepreneurial game!  His mother and father are owners of successful businesses that have flourished and become cornerstone operations in Memphis. He was taught at an early age that being self-employed is the best way to live a long and prosperous life & has maintained the same beliefs throughout his career in various industries. In 2013 he launched I Sign Myself, which is an indie movement. With all the leadership and building, I Sign Myself is on its way to new heights doing showcases, summit conferences, seminars and more!


I Sign Myself is a full-service organization supporting a diverse roster of talent through artist management, artist development, label, distribution, conferences, productions, DJs, strategic brand development, ect. They have built strong partnerships and teamed up with other brands and companies. Paul Tutt also launched the internet radio station I Sign Myself Radio to give independent artists a platform to get their music heard and earn paid royalties. I Sign Myself Radio is affiliated with SCM Demand Radio who partnered up with Maybach Radio, Southern Exposure Radio, SCM Radio and V104 Live.


Big Paul currently manages rap duo Skyyborn, Mlp, Chedda Rell, Friends That Rap, JJordan, Alix J, Shyne Boi, Red Eye TV, & Keesha Danielle.


Social Media :




Instagram: @isignmyself and @isignmyselfradio




Artist Spotlight: Ned Miller

September 2nd, 2017




Ned Miller is not your typical rapper, he is a visionary artist, painting vivid pictures with his lyrics. At 14 years of age, Ned began listening to various songs in the alternative rock genre, which played a major part in his style of rap. Ned recalls watching songs & videos on VH1. He would remix the songs he heard, putting his own style to it, rapping about his life. The Greensboro native formed his very own production company, Modal Vibes in 2016 with his co-founder, Trey Flowers. When asked about the name, he says, “I thought of the name Modal Vibes. I was searching for a word that explains while we make music. Modal as a collective, create music based off raw emotions. We consider that the vibe, not just any vibe, a Modal Vibe. We want you to feel our music and catch a vibe. Capture your mind, body & soul.” The two have worked together on quite a few projects, including Ned’s newest single titled “No Love” which was produced by Trey Flowers. When you listen to his music, you immediately think of the backpack rappers. His musical inspirations include Jay-Z, NERD, Kanye West & of course Tyler The Creator. At an early age, after watching Bow Wow on television, he knew he wanted to pursue music as a career. Who knew that Ned Miller would be the rapper he is today? The rapper recalls being surprisingly quiet at times, but would often get into trouble during his school days. His new single “No Love” is very straight forward. After coming home from a long day’s work his producer Trey was at his place working on some new beats. He played the beat for “No Love” & Ned loved it the minute he heard it. In fact, everyone around loved the track and wanted to rap on it as well, but the rapper had different plans. The rapper worked on the song for two days, writing, arranging. He even mixed and mastered the track himself. Ned wanted to be as creative as possible with this track, after Trey Flowers made the beat from scratch, Ned took it from there. He created the entire song, even designed the cover art.

The single “No Love” is available now on iTunes.

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Artist Of The Day: Layla Khepri

July 24th, 2017



Layla khepri goes on tour with Huey Mack, Futuristic, Cam Meekins, and TJ Hickey. Watch as she ventures across the country, and talks about the expectations and sacrifices that come with choosing to be a musician.


Follow Layla Khepri on Social media @LaylaKhepri and download and stream her new single, “Smile and Wave” today!
For more booking/info contact: essince@royalheirent.com

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Rapper Faiyaz Hasan new EP “Perplexed Emotions” (Interview)

June 30th, 2017

Who is Faiyaz Hasan? How did you come up with your artist name? What’s the story behind that?

Faiyaz Hasan is my real name, my parents gave it to me.

Where are you originally from?

I am originally from Bangladesh.

Explain the story behind your style of music. Who are some of your musical inspirations?

My music plays with your mind……..its psychedelic but it bumps.. My musical inspirations are uncountable starting from  Greenday , Blink182 to Kanye west to Linkin Park to Travis Scott……
If you could do a collaboration with 3 mainstream artists, who would you choose to work with and why?

Travi$ Scott, Drake and Kendrick Lamar. I love their work
Tell the people about your new EP.  How many songs are on the project? Did you work with any special producers for this project?

Its a tight tracklist of 3 songsThe Adrenaline, Merry Mary and Escape The Shell……..This is my first Official release ever.The whole EP starting from the beats, production, recording, mixing and mastering is done by me….. no help.

As an independent artist, what are some goals you have for yourself? (Short term and long term goals)

Get my music around the world, have fun……maybe try to get a record deal later. I would love to make a living out of what I love to do which is make music.

Your EP, how did you come up with the title for it?

The EP is called Perplexed Emotions… it shows my state of being puzzled..

Out of all of the songs on this EP, which one would you say is your favorite track?

All the songs are different and stand out on their own…..This is my first official project so I kept only 3 songs but made sure they’re tight.

How old were you when you first recorded a song?

13 …mom was in the studio with me and I kinda sucked

When making new music, what usually goes through your head?

Nothing goes through my head,  My songwriting depends on what headspace I am in…..the tracks are a reflection of me in the headspace I am in when I was when I write it.

A day in the studio with you is like ???

Its chill…and if you like mary then its a plus.

Connect With Faiyaz on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FyzForReal/
Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/FyzForReal



Canadian singer with voice of an angel inspires fans with new album ‘Daydreams Are Reality’

June 1st, 2017



ONTARIO, CANADA – A rich cultural heritage combined with intense life stories and a beautiful voice all come together in perfect harmony for a hot new artist coming out of Canada.


Her name is Icielani, and much like her music, her name reflects the cultural heritage coming from a humble upbringing. Icielani was born in her grandparents’ two-bedroom house in Etobicoke – on the southwest end of Toronto.


Fast-tracking to her life now, she is married to a man from the Bronx, New York, who is also her music manager. They make quite a combo – sharing similar struggles of growing up and a dedication to making Icielani’s album “Daydreams Are Reality.”


“My storyline is a lot like other people who came from nothing, work hard to follow their dreams and goals their whole lives to be who they have grown up dreaming of who they want

to be,” she said. “Whether you want to be an athlete, doctor, singer, entrepreneur or philanthropist – it doesn’t matter where you have come from. We all have to accept the past and rehearse the future. Don’t give up on your dreams in life – that’s the positive message and storyline in this album.”


“Faith is a very important part of my life,” she said. “Everything that I have I thank God for. It’s important to have that safe haven you can turn to during struggles and joys in life. I joined the church choir when I was really young – I would even choose to go to church over playing with my friends in the neighborhood. To this day my faith continues to play an important part in my music.”


She said fans will be able to detect that in her most recent album, “Daydreams Are Reality” – a project that displays a mixed version of R&B soul, pop and dance with guitar melodies, piano melodies and pop sounds.


The most recent single from the album is “Your Into Me.” It’s a song that she said tells the story of a guy who falls in love with a girl, but doesn’t let on that he likes her and just watches her from a distance until he finally has the courage to approach her. She, at the same time, falls in love with him and also doesn’t let on than she likes him because she’s shy about it. Eventually they discover how much they’re into one another and commit in a relationship. The music video was filmed in Cuba to show romance combined with the culture and history as a melting pot of love. For Icielani, love conquers all.


“It’s a song that came out of part of my own personal experience,” she said. “Most of my songs come from my experiences, as well as other people’s experiences and stories that kind of blend of culture. I also enjoy being able to sing different genres and being different in music. I like trends in music but I also like to stand out from the crowd.”


The full-length album is released today June 1st, 2017, earlier than expected. She said it’s an album that will give listeners a relaxed vibe with R&B soul, dance and pop stylings. Other singles on the album that have already been released include “No More Tears”, “Hands Up High.” , “Dreams Are Reality’ and “Your Into Me”. Like these singles, the full album will consist of inspiring songs that raise awareness of hope in life and will encourage people to be persistent in their goals.


“Teach yourself not to give up on your goals and dreams in life, no matter the circumstances or situation that you’re living in,” Icielani said. “What you practice, you become. What you perceive, you can achieve. This albums message is to raise courage, love and hope to everyone.”


Fans who want to Listen to her sound or find out more about Icielani as a musician can visit her website at www.Icielani.com.





“Vacuumin” – NEW Single by Short FUZE

May 29th, 2017

ShortFUZE is an up-and-coming hip hop artist born and raised in Monessen, which is a small town right outside of Pittsburgh, PA. He is back with a brand new single for the streets titled “Vacuumin”, which will surely be a summer banger! Take a listen a see for yourself.

Twitter – @FUZE4short
Facebook FanPage – ShortFUZE
Instagram – shortfuze


Listen to \”Vacuumin\” HERE


World Premiere: “Vacuumin” By Short FUZE

May 29th, 2017


ShortFUZE is an up-and-coming hip hop artist born and raised in Monessen, which is a small town right outside of Pittsburgh, PA. He is back with a brand new single for the streets titled “Vacuumin”, which will surely be a summer banger! Take a listen a see for yourself.

Twitter – @FUZE4short
Facebook FanPage – ShortFUZE
Instagram – shortfuze