Chicago rapper launches new music career with first EP ‘Preparation’

Friday, March 31st, 2017



CHICAGO, IL –  More often than not, the inspiration for Ola’s music happens while he’s asleep.


As many people around the world do, Ola falls asleep at night with music in his ears. Sometimes he plays a beat over and over again through the headphones in his ears and falls asleep to it – which he said almost always affects his dreams. And whatever he wakes up to – whatever feeling or emotion or thought process – becomes the foundation for a song.


“That’s how I wrote my first song,” he said. “It was after I watched the movie ‘8 Mile’ and I woke up that night and wrote down some rhymes. I would come back to it every once in a while after that, but I never really took it seriously. Then in about 2009 I was in Florida listening to music and freestyling with a friend and he said I was really good and encouraged me to keep going. We got into it so much that we bought some recording software and a $100 mic at a local store and just recorded stuff for days and days. I had caught the bug, and I couldn’t stop.”


When he moved back to Chicago, the real world hit and he had to get a full-time job in order to pay the bills and support himself. But all the while that he was working the job, he said he was never really happy. And every time he would sample some of his music to family and friends they would tell him how excited they were about his music and how much they liked his freestyling.


“I figured if people like it, then I should do it,” he said. “I know now that I’m made to do this. This is what I’m supposed to do. Like so many other things, I woke up one day and it was like a revelation. So I found my old engineer and we started working together.”


Today his music career is starting to take off. He currently has two songs that are getting regular radio play throughout the Chicago area – “Check (feat. Chris Hasty)” and “On My Mind (feat. Jay Arroyo).” The first is a song with a “grimy” sound to it, he said, but which also showcases his skills as a lyricist.


“It’s basically a song about money,” he said. “It sounds a little bit trap-oriented, but it’s definitely lyrical. And Chris Hasty is lyrical. I feel like it’s a record that’s animated and super eccentric.”


“On My Mind” on the other hand has a much different feel to it, he said. It’s a lighter sounding song with a subtle pop melody. It, too, is a song that talks about money, but from a different approach that Ola said is “a little more personal – like I’m talking directly to someone.”


These singles are two of 22 features on his album “Preparation.” He said this is an album that announces his music to the world and is the start of him taking his music career seriously.


Fans who want to sample some of his music can visit his Soundcloud page, or follow him on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for updates about new music releases or live performances.





RickRated pays homage to rapper father with mixture throw-back music and unique new sound

Thursday, March 30th, 2017



SEATTLE, WA – When Savon York was a child, most of the stories he would hear would be about his rapper father, who went by the stage name Rick Rated. His father lived what York describes as a “street life” filled with violence – so much so that he was shot and killed when Rated was only 8 years old.


Growing up, Rated wanted to do what his dad did. So at age 8, when his father died, he started rapping. He became known as Baby Rated, which eventually evolved into Lil’ Rated when he was in high school and today has become the adopted moniker of his father, RickRated.


Though he didn’t have the occasion to listen to much of his father’s music, he did recently get his hands on four of his father’s songs. Those songs gave him an insight into his father’s style and how he might adopt some of that same style into his own music in a way that would bring a unique flavor to the hip-hop world in his region of the Pacific Northwest.


“He was a very visual rapper,” RickRated said of his father. “He lived a different lifestyle than I do. I’m not the gangster type, and when I listen to his music it has a different direction than where I want to take my music. But when I hear his imagery and storytelling, those are things that I want to carry on with my music. There’s one song in particular where I’m describing my car, and I’d never have been able to get that description without hearing his song and hearing how he described his own car.”


Rated said he also wants to make sure his music has depth and strong messages with underlying themes. Everything he creates has a message and more often than not tells the story of something he’s gone through in his life.


“My best ideas come in the morning as soon as I wake up,” he said. “I’m the type of person who will wake up and stay in bed and play a beat over and over until I can’t come up with anything else in that moment. Then I’ll set it aside and move on to the next song. I try not to force the music out. If I get blocked in a song, I’ll set it aside until I’m refreshed and feel like I can be inspired.”


His new single “Bye” is one of those songs that came through a moment of inspiration. He said it’s a song about a breakup after a relationship of two years and the experience of being single after such a long relationship.


“It talks about the girls I dealt with and the changes in the dating scene since the last time I was in it,” he said. “It has an upbeat, trap kind of vibe to it – that feature vibe that everybody listens to today with a catchy hook. What I try to do with all of my music is to be a mainstream artist with mainstream music with a message.”


Fans who want to sample some of his music can visit his website at, or check out his Soundcloud page. He also has music videos on his YouTube channel, and fans can follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more about upcoming music releases or live performances.




Hot Dizzy sends shout out to lost friend with new single ‘Stand Still’

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017



INDIANAPOLIS, IN – When Hot Dizzy was working as a bartender at a strip club some years ago, he had no idea that the large guy with the nickname “Big Ace” who ordered a drink from him would become one of his closest friends. But as the two bonded over a rap song being played in the club that night, their friendship grew and Big Ace became one of Dizzy’s biggest inspirations.


The passing of Big Ace due to a heart attack hit Dizzy hard. He struggled to find a way to honor the memory of his friend, until he started diving into the hip-hop and rap of his youth. The process of grieving over a friend and writing to express his feelings uncovered a natural talent that he now uses as the hip-hop artist from Indianapolis known as Hot Dizzy.


“I had tried rap back in the day, but didn’t take it seriously,” he said. “The thing that pushed me back into rapping was when Big Ace passed away. Now it feels like he’s pushing me to do this. When I played around with rap as a hobby before, it felt like I wasn’t doing anything with it. I even started driving trucks for a while. But now I owe it to him to make this real.”


Dizzy said his unique style is that of a rap storyteller. He said his rhymes are often referred to as a narrator telling a story with a distinct flow and delivery. His stories tend to be metaphors for the struggles he’s going through or the things he’s seen. Sometimes his environment and the relationships he enjoys find their way into his music, as well.


His single “Hood Low” is currently ranked No. 1 on the Emerging 200 Chart, and he has two other singles out that he hopes will make a similar splash. “Stand Still” is a song specifically dedicated to Big Ace.


“It’s about being up in the club and seeing a girl dancing and liking what you see,” he said. “But when you holler at the girl you find out the club is ready to close. So you bounce to another club and find a honey and take her to the hotel and do the thing.”


Another single, “Feedback,” is more of a statement piece that he said should let listeners know exactly who he is. Every verse has its own specific meaning, and the driving beat is something he knows will connect with fans.


At the end of the day, though, he said he hopes his music is something that can help others out of bad situations by giving them an escape.


“If they’re upset or going through something similar, maybe they can get a message out of one of my songs,” he said. “Maybe they can know they aren’t the only ones going through it.”


Fans who want to sample Hot Dizzy’s music can visit his Soundcloud page, or check out some of his music videos on his YouTube channel. His new album is scheduled to drop in May, and fans who follow him on Twitter can find out more about upcoming music releases or live performances.



Murc Jones strives for greatness with release of new 14-song album

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017


WOODBRIDGE, NJ – To this day, Murc Jones doesn’t know why his best friend starting calling him by that nickname.


When he was younger and started rapping professionally at around age 16, he and a friend would often get together and record their freestyle raps. At one point they started discussing stage names, and his friend randomly said, “I’m gonna start calling you Murc.”

“I still don’t know why he called me that,” Jones said, “but I’ve been using it ever since. The Jones was something I chose to represent my change and growth as an artist.”


That evolution from early freestyle rapper to one of the country’s hottest young hip-hop artists is perhaps best displayed on his new album, “Greatness Over Dishonesty.” It’s a 14-song album that he said tells the story of who he is and what his music is about. Its songs display a variety of different vibes – all of which, he said, show his versatility and unique sound in ways that make him stand out from the crowd.


“I’m not trying to sound like anybody else,” he said. “I want to be great, and it’s gonna take honesty to be great. If you want people to listen to you, then you have to be the real you. I think it’s my originality and the fact that I’m not trying to sound like anybody else – that I’m just being myself – that makes me stand out.”


Murc said his songs tend to lean toward storytelling, and that the medium of music as a vehicle to share stories is one of the things that first attracted him to hip-hop in the first place. He said he finds it amazing that you can tell a story through music, or create a music video that other people can relate to in a way that makes them perfectly understand what it is he’s trying to say.


The main single off the album is called “Live For The Moment,” and is a perfect example of his use of storytelling through music.


“It’s a song about how I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make it in the music industry,” he said. “The video is me and a couple of friends just hanging out, chilling to the song. And that’s, in a lot of ways, what I hope other people do when they listen to this album.”


To find out more about Murc Jones, fans can follow him on social media @murcjones on Twitter and @murcjonesmusic on Instagram. Fans can also sample his album and other music he’s created on Reverbnation, Soundcloud and Spotify.



Yung Brezzy uses near-death experience to launch music career

Friday, March 17th, 2017


ATLANTA, GA – In 2007, Yung Brezzy was the victim of a brutal car accident that nearly cost him his life.


It was while he was on leave from the Marines, visiting his home town of Montgomery, Alabama. The accident caused him to suffer massive bruises to his upper body, a broken neck, a ruptured spinal cord and complete loss of feeling in his legs. It took 14 hours of reconstructive surgery before he could even be put on bed rest, and then months of physical therapy before he was able to walk again. Eventually given an honorable discharge from the Marines, Yung Brezzy needed a new purpose in his life.


He turned to music. It was something he had always been fascinated with. Having grown up with a grandmother who always took him to church, he developed an early fascination with the drums and by high school had discovered the ability to rap. It was a friend of his grandmother who gave him the nickname Yung.


“She was well known in the neighborhood where she was from and there was one older gentleman just down the way from her who always called me Yung,” Brezzy said. “He would always say, ‘You’re young and smooth like a wind because you’re always calm and collected. Nothing gets under your skin. So I’m gonna call you Yung Brezzy.’ So I just took it and ran with it.”


During his time in the Marines he “dibbled and dabbled” a little bit with his music hobby, but after the car accident that nearly took his life, he decided to “go harder with the music.” In 2010 he linked up with a local group, hoping to make moves toward greatness in the world of hip-hop. That group never branched out to bigger and better things, but they made enough of a splash to put Yung Brezzy on the map and by 2014 he had released singles such as “I Be Goin’ In” featuring Koree Rudolph.


Today he’s working on a new EP called “Life’s Lessons” – a six-track project that he hopes to drop on July 4. He said it’s the prelude to an official album called “The Message” that he is planning on releasing at the beginning of 2018. In the meantime, the first single off the EP is called “What’s the Point of Having Friends,” and it’s already getting major traction and airplay on radio stations worldwide.


“It’s a song that came about from me just being real with myself at the time and seeing that the people around me didn’t do me any good,” Brezzy said. “It’s based on real-life situations. And that’s how I write – from the heart and from real-life situations that people can relate to on a day-to-day basis. I make music for the people and for myself. At the end of the day I want to help people through their situations. I want my music to touch people – to feel it in their soul and mind and understand that everybody goes through things sometimes. You have to go through the rain to get to the sunshine.”


Brezzy is also working on closing a deal with a brand called Atlwood in which he would be the face of the clothing line. The premise of the apparel is highlighting Atlanta as the new “Hollywood,” and all that’s entwined with that lifestyle.


To find out more about Yung Brezzy, fans can follow him on Facebook at Cedric Yung Brezzy Rush, on Instagram and Twitter @IAMYUNGBREZZY, and on Snapchat @YUNG BREZZY. Fans can also check out his music on his Soundcloud page, or some of his videos on his YouTube channel


Seeing Dollar Signs: Brick God Sosa Stops at Nothing for Success

Saturday, March 11th, 2017


New York, NY – At sixteen, young would-be rapper Brick God Sosa (born Jake Noch) was an active gang member, and still is, who decided to try his hand at his true passion: music. His motivation has always been simple. He knew rapping could make money and a name for himself, and he leapt directly towards dollar signs. But while he left his former life in the dust, his upbringing continues to pave the way for his success, and has prepared him for any hardship, which he meets with tenacity and determination. As Brick God so eloquently puts it, “I bossed up, and got rich.”

Brick God’s creative genius met his business and street-savvy and culminated in the creation of Global Affiliates Music Group, which has been an incredibly successful venture for the artist and entrepreneur, taking notes from mega-moguls like Diddy and Jay Z. But though he’s inspired by the big names in the music business, he’s determined to make his own way. “If you follow in another’s footsteps you will always be a follower. I am an inventor. I create my own path in life,” says Brick God, persistent about being a self-made and motivated artist and businessman. He continues, “We are 100% independent,” explaining that top to bottom everything the entertainment entity puts out is the work of Global Affiliates Music Group.


His latest project, a single entitled “Bite Down” will release on June 30th of this year as part of an upcoming album. The artist hints that it sounds like a soundtrack to a scene from Scarface – tough and aggressive, just like the artist himself. There is no messing with the Brick God, who is willing to make money and success no matter the cost. “On the block am your big brother and I will break your bitch ass down,” he says – and he means business.


His key to success? “Boss your life up.”


For more information about Brick God Sosa, follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


Traveling rocker uses experience of the touring grind to launch new solo project

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

ATLANTA, GA – Jason Caldwell is ready for his big break. It’s long overdue. After nearly two decades of touring with bands and collaborating with other artists to create great rock music, he’s ready to show the world just how talented he is as a solo artist.


His new four-song EP entitled “Forgotten” is a statement to the world that he’s the next big rock star to pay attention to in America. It’s an EP that showcases his diversity and illustrates the kind of rocker he is – from shredding guitars to three-part harmonies and even piano riffs that will remind fans of great rock legends.

“All four songs are completely different songs,” he said. “One has more hard-punch rock and roll, one gets a bit weirder with an almost rap or hip-hop feel, one goes into something more melodic, and the last song is all pianos and vocals. But it all flows together.”


The title track of the EP is actually the second song of the bunch and serves as the ultimate testament of where he is currently as a musician. After touring in bands with his older brother for many years, and then playing with a band on a cruise liner for nearly a decade, he has put in the grind and perfected his art to thousands upon thousands of crowds. But never over that time has any of his solo efforts broken beyond regional success.


“No matter how many likes I get on Facebook or through any other social media outlets, when I share my stuff not very many people seem to click on it,” he said. “It’s hard to get interaction. And I think that’s because people are over-saturated with constant media. It aggravates me. One day they’ll be sorry. As soon as there’s a little push and popularity, everyone jumps on the band wagon. That’s happened to me before with other bands I’ve been a part of. And ‘Forgotten’ talks about that rise-and-fall of success.”


Another of the singles on the EP is a track called “Drinkin’ Again.” Caldwell said it’s a song about having a bad hangover that he literally wrote while experiencing the worst hangover he’s ever had. It happened after returning from his best friend’s bachelor party in New Orleans, and it was one of those moments where he had to create music and he was lamenting how poorly he felt at the moment.


“It’s about that hangover when you tell yourself you’re never drinking again, but you know you’re going to,” he said. “In that moment you’re committed because you just feel terrible.”


Another of the singles is “Mourning Sad Days,” which Caldwell said was inspired by his work as a videographer for news stations and having to cover awful tragedies such as the Charleston shooting. The song is a long, epic build-up of emotion that culminates in dramatic fashion.


The final single on the EP is “A Sad Song,” and it features piano and vocals with some electronic sound effects in a style that’s a nod to the rising wave of electronic rock. Caldwell said he wants to showcase his ability to create good music through all sub-genres of rock, and “A Sad Song” is not only his display of that ability but also a song that he hopes will inspire others to keep their heads up when going through tough times.


Fans who want to find out more about Caldwell can visit his website at, or check out some of his music on Soundcloud or YouTube. Fans can also purchase “Forgotten” on iTunes. And to find out more about upcoming music releases or live performances, fans can follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



Hip-hop artist with diverse origins passes on mother’s legacy through her music

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017




CINCINNATI, OH – In the moments before Belinda Murphy’s mother passed away, she impressed upon her daughter a desire to see her continue the family’s legacy. As a woman of faith who had taken her family from poverty in Jamaica to middle class in America, she was someone who exhibited beauty, grace and compassion every day of her life. And those are all qualities that Murphy hopes she is known for.

It’s for that reason that faith finds its way into her music and videos. When performing at Bebe The Jamerican G, she hopes that others see a woman who has overcome struggles in life and who now lives out those same qualities that her mother represented for so many years.


“I hope I stand out because I’m always striving to be positive and humble and have faith in myself and keep my faith in God,” Bebe said. “My mother always taught me to believe in God and never be disrespectful toward people. I’m really soft-spoken, but at the same time I can be bold. I’m also very ambitious and I believe we’re all from God and all destined to do something on this earthy. Through all of my trials and tribulations, I’ve been able to maintain a good heart. I am genuine and understanding and I recognize people for who they are.”


Her new album entitled “Versatile Legacy,” details her journey from struggle to success and highlights those very same qualities that she’s trying to represent from her mother and family.


“One of the singles talks about my old lifestyle in Cincinnati,” she said. “I was into drugs heavily and I was getting into trouble and had domestic violence issues. I learned to overcome all those obstacles by the faith that I put in God. I went on my knees and prayed and gave it all to Him. He has steered me in the right direction and I let him guide me the rest of the way.”


Bebe said her journey to music started at a young age, when she began singing as a young girl. She said her mother would often have her sing for friends and family whenever they were over to the house. Eventually she started writing poetry, and though she went to college to study graphic design, the music always called back to her. Eventually she decided to pursue music full time, and hopes someday to be able to launch her own record label called Bell Records and provide other local artists a way to express themselves.


Until then, she’s anxious for fans to check out her music and find out more about who she is as a person and as an artist.


“When people hear my music I want them to feel where I came from,” she said. “I want them to say, ‘If she can do it, I can do it, too.’ I want them to be inspired – to look at me as a talented and gifted person in this world who has been through struggle and come through, and want to do the same thing in their lives.”


Fans who want to sample some her music can visit her Soundcloud page, or check out some of her music videos on her YouTube channel. Fans can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @bebe_the_jamerican_goddess.



The Midwest’s Newest Prodigy Releases Debut EP “Needle in a Haystack”

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017



Minneapolis, MN – Prizzy Icky began his long term love affair with music at a very young age, gifted a notebook at eleven by his lyricist step-father, he was encouraged to pursue his talents from the start of his life. Raised in areas that also bred icons of American pop and hip hop, Prizzy recalls noticing how tourists would flock to the murals and memories of his hometown, where Prince got his start in life. While trying to make it in music, music moguls like Prince and Michael Jackson continue to be an inspiration for the up-and-coming artist, who is eager to put his beloved town back on the map with another hit EP, “Needle in a Haystack.”


With a unique sound that is borderline cult-inspired, his low, chanting vibe gives way to a technique that is unprecedented in the rap game. Says Prizzy Icky of his music, “I was in choir in high school, so I’ve learned to train my voice in an operatic manner, so when you hear the background melodies, it gives you kind of a cathedral sound.” People mixing rap with harmonies certainly isn’t new, but the way in which he does it is personal to him and has its own distinct flare.  “I took that and elevated it, I turned that notch up to 100,” he says with a smile. His unique style doesn’t stop at his harmonies, however. His subject matter is also worth noting. In a heated political climate like we’re facing in 2017, it’s hard not to have an opinion about the happenings of the world. Whether he’s speaking about the water issues in Flint, Michigan or talking about more personal, intimate problems – like a beleaguered trip to the grocery store without enough funds – his music is relatable whether your problems are big or small.


His latest project, a six-track EP entitled “Needle in a Haystack” is now available on all major digital platforms. The EP derives its name from Prizzy’s hard-to-find unique zest for life. To fully understand, you’ll have to listen to his music, and once you do, you’ll realize why this one-of-a-kind artist is so incredibly powerful and relevant. The most charming thing about Prizzy Icky is his motivation. Sure, if he strikes it rich because of rap, he’ll welcome that. But, that’s not why he set out to make a name for himself. His true motivation is to bring attention back to his beloved hometown and show that people from little, sleepy towns in the middle of the country can travel far if they only dream big enough.


Fans wanting to know more about Prizzy Icky can do so by checking him out below:





Reverb Nation



Norwegian beat-maker launches hot new hip-hop single ‘Planet Hiphop’

Monday, March 6th, 2017


OSLO, NORWAY – Norway might not be a hot-bed for hip-hop, but hip-hop is a style of music that lives everywhere – you just have to look for it.


If you look closely, you’ll discover a hot new beat-maker out of Oslo named Martin Aalgaard. He loves hip-hop and uses inspiration from his home country to influence his unique sound in a way that’s making people all over the world sit up and listen.

He first discovered hip-hop as a young child. His introduction came by way of Eminem, who he heard on the radio and was immediately intrigued.


“I just knew the moment I heard Eminem on the radio that this was my type of music,” he said. “I was feeling the rhythm in my bones while at the same time relating to the lyrics. He was the gatekeeper of hip-hop in Norway at the time. I heard of Dr. Dre through Eminem, and that’s when I fell in love with the beats.”


Almost immediately after first hearing Eminem, he ran to a nearby gas station and purchased his first hip-hop CD. He soon found himself exploring other artists, such as J Dilla. By age 13 he had discovered Fruitty Loops and started producing his own beats.


Today he makes music with different genres and sounds. He said he tries to keep an “organic” sound, but at the end of the day most of his music is a reflection of how he feels and what he is inspired by at the time.


“I feel like music is the ultimate form of communication,” he said. “I often spend a week not touching the studio, just thinking about how I’m going to make a song. Then I sit down and make it. I get inspiration from everything around me during that period, and then it boils down to new music. I want the people that listen to my music to feel a connection of some kind. If you don’t, then my music isn’t for you.”


Fans can experience Aalgaard’s unique sound with his new single called “Planet Hiphop.” He said the title is one that can be interpreted in many different ways or mean different things to different people, and he hopes that vibe speaks for itself when people listen to it.


“As for the message,” he said, “I am trying to spread peace, positivity and unity to all people.”


The single was recently released on Soundcloud and will soon be available on other digital streaming services. Fans who want to stay updated on his new music releases, or find out more about him as an artist, can follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.